Oil Separation & Rectification system

Key Issues: Presence of oil in chillers / evaporators decreases its performance up to 20-50% or reduces COP to 50-70% compared to design or clean internal surface conditions. Lubricating oil system needs frequent oil top up. Effectively, low production rate, loss of business & higher electrical bills.

Solution: Our special oil management system design increases plant's performance by oil separation up to 20/10/5/1 PPM and minimizes oil getting carried over to evaporators. Also, effective oil removal from evaporators / chillers and low side vessels improves system performance and thereby results is higher cooling capacity & better COP with reduced electricity consumption.

Its proper implementation results in plant's higher capacity / better COP, less energy bill and thus minimum payback period / higher ROI (Returns on Investments).

Key Issues: Plants operating at low operating pressures especially in vacuums are vulnerable for suction of non condensable gases by compressor into the refrigeration system. These gases remains in system on high side / condenser and thereby results in high discharge pressure, in-efficient operation of condenser and thus consumes more electrical energy – Reduced COP – Higher energy bill – lesser ROI.

Solution: Effective air removal program / solution ensures removal of non condensable gases, enhance refrigerant condensation and reduces discharge pressure – Optimum COP – Higher plant capacity – Optimum energy bill – Higher ROI.

- New age equipments for better thermal efficiency

- New eco-friendly / natural refrigerants with ZERO / minimum OPD (Ozone Depletion Potential) & GWP (Global Warning Potential)

- With optimum modifications with minimum project cost

We undertake retrofitting of old plants i.e. plants with R-22 refrigerant to be retrofitted with natural refrigerant like Ammonia, propane or propylene. Also, it can be retrofitted with R-134a, R-404a, R-407c, R-410a / R-507 or as recommended by ASHRAE to best suit operating conditions with minimum environmental footprints (Carbon credits) & higher COP.

Refrigeration plant health check and audits are back bone of effective operation of plants with continued higher profits. As per latest industrial study, none of the ill or non profit making plants has fixed audit or health check up procedure in place for their important business generating plants and machinery.

It is thus of utmost importance to analyze present condition / service life of working plant or equipment for industrial as well as personnel safety.

We specialize in :

- Regular check-ups with focus on standard operating practices

- Target for maximum output with minimum possible power consumption

- System Design Optimization / retrofitting / modification: Theoretical analysis & actual measurements at job sites and cross verification for BEST results.

- State of the art instruments with regular calibration for perfect observation and for best comparison.

Sometimes refrigeration plants are designed at optimum or at capacities to cater to old time production facility or production rate. After few years, old plant fall short of cooling capacity for new production rates and product quality requirements. Hence, it is important to check the possibility of getting more refrigeration capacity from old plant before buying any new plant with higher capacity.

The plant capacity enhancement process by adopting retrofitting / modification / expansion work results in :

- Higher refrigeration capacity per unit power consumption

- Minimum CAPEX on new expansion

- Higher design standard with better COP & plant life for new set of plant as an output of analysis of old plant.

Refrigeration plants works for 24 x 7 operations while delivering desired duty. Every plant has its own life based on design & operating parameters, material used for its construction and various maintenance schedules it has undergone during entire course of operating and or non-operating time period. Sometimes, plants operate with trouble irrespective of all the above points and thus they need trouble shooting touch to be able to bring them back to normal operation.

It is important to study the faults as to why the plants do not deliver required performance and find out perfect solution. We undertake refrigeration plant trouble shooting services with decades of hands on experience on almost all types of plants installed in India and Asian continent.

HAZOP Study:

To conduct HAZOP meeting and prepare HAZOP report for Plant for safe operation as desired.

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