Cold Storage Plant Applications

Storage Capacities:
MT to 20,000 MT in Single / Multiple Chamber configuration

Refrigeration Systems:
Hermetic / Semi-hermetic / Reciprocating / Screw Compressors, Single Stage / Two Stage / Booster compressors, Water Cooled Condensing systems, Direct expansion / Flooded / Pump-feed systems

Refrigeration Capacities:
0.5 TR to 1000 TR in Multiple system configurations

Temp. & Humidity Range:
(+) 20 Deg. C to (-) 40 Deg. C / 50 % - 95% RH

Commercial & Industrial cold storages for various commodities for Safe storage conditions to enhance storage life.
Vegetable & fruits cold storage at low temp. & high humidity conditions
Grains, pulses and spices cold rooms
Pharmaceutical products storage at low temp. and low humidity conditions
Dairy products such as milk, butter milk, lassi, butter, mozzarela & cheddar cheese, paneer and various other milk products for commercial application
Ice cream and ice candy – blast freezers / tunnel freezers / spiral freezers and cold rooms
Meat and fish –Blast freezer, plate freezer & frozen cold rooms at (-) 20 Deg.C & (-)35 Deg.C temperatures.
Frozen vegetables and other associated food products – Green peas, baby corn, sweet corn, parathas and other ready to eat products.
Pre-cooling chambers and high humidity cold stores for grapes etc.
Mushroom cold storages- high humidity, high air flow with air filtration
Industrial climatic test chambers for testing machine / component validations

Any other food items with specific storage conditions as per ASHRAE standards or Low temp. preservation of any other Food / Commodity as per International Standards for Storage Guidelines.

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